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Celebrating Trebles of Thankfulness with Jay Roecker's 'Thicker Than Blood'

Unravel tails of nostalgia of bonds with Jay Roecker's 'Thicker Than Blood'! As someone well versed in Spanish and English, the bilingual pop artist has produced multiple iconic moments via his previous releases like the single 'Pour On Me' and its remixes and his last album 'Electronic Symphonic'. As someone who's always had the vision to write and create magic via his sound, his music usually caters to musings from his own life experiences in the most majestic way possible. On the contrary, this release's video is a cinematic venture that talks about different bonds of love that are thicker than Blood- making you retrospectively grateful.

Jay Roecker
Jay Roecker

'Thicker than Blood' is a symphony of bonds and the nostalgia of memories bound to them that all of us relate to!

A track about the strength of friendships, being metaphorically compared to the thickness of the blood relationships,' Thicker Than Blood ' is a pop ensemble that seems to not only cater but indulge in different variations of friendships. From days of drinking wine together while celebrating the good and holding onto each other during bad times, Jay seems to relish the bonds he had and expresses thorough gratitude towards them. Showing us how those bonds have impacted the kind of person he is today, he presents this track to us as a gateway of relatability and outbound love and respect.

Test this retrospective melody down below -

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