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Carolee Rainey's Hard Times In The Heart Is a Piece of Beauty!

Carolee Rainey is a Massachusetts based artist who is known for deep vocals that touch the heart's deepest parts. Her discography is a vivid display of her intricate musicality and immersive vocals. Each track has a story to tell and the way this artist paints such vivid pictures with her lyrics is pretty magical. The vibrant instrumentation creates a perfect vibe for her ecstatic vocals.

Carolee Rainey

"Carolee Rainey spins magic into her music enchanting the listeners in an everlasting spell."

I recently came across this amazing artist through her latest release named 'Hard Times in The Heart' which is a a beautiful piece of art. The track starts off with an intricate guitar strum that beautifully sets the tone for the track. As the name suggests, the track dives deep into the hard times and the way each word has an emotion attached to it is beautiful. This is surely a track to explore if you love to listen to unplugged music that runs deep into emotions! Do give this amazing track a spin!

Test The Melody Down Here -

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