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'Mama's Going To Rehab' by Reagan Hudson is a heart-touching Piece!

Reagan Hudson is a cattle farmer based in Western NC whose musical influences are Traditional Country, Honky Tonk music, and Bluegrass. His magical voice creates an everlasting vibe that touches the hearts of listeners. The way he carries his track will evoke several feelings in you and I'm pretty sure you'll be listening to this amazing artist on repeat if you listen to his music once! Do give his discography a spin!

"Regan Hudson will make your heart melt with his heartfelt musicality!"

I recently discovered this artist through his latest track named 'Mama's Going To Rehab' which is a track that is a comic representation of a dysfunctional family. If you pay attention to the lyrics, the track carries you to a whole new realm, painting vivid pictures with mere words and music. The track is about why Mama had to go to rehab and how the artist tells the story with such wit is remarkable! The track is about the journey that the family has as Mama finds, love and rehabilitation at a court-ordered rehabilitation facility. If you love to listen to tracks that can touch your soul with a heart-felt tale, this is surely one of the best tracks out there, do give it a go!

Test the melody down here-

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