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Amplified Anomalies: Breaking The Sonic Mold with Ivan Beecroft's 'Carousel'

Ivan Beecroft returns to the music scene with this spectacular rock release, 'Carousel'! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Ivan Beecroft is a songwriter/musician who's been renounced for his invaluable contribution to the city's underground music scene. As someone who's embraced the sound of 90s grunge, he derives inspiration from legends like Tex Perkins, Paul Hester and Sean Kelly. As someone who aims to break the barriers of convention and ordinary, let's witness the wrath of Ivan Beecroft!

Ivan Beecroft
Ivan Beecroft

'Carousel' is the fine articulation of electric guitar riffs and pulsating melodies that seem to amplify into the depths of one's psyche.

An impeccable masterpiece, this feels like the perfect track to get lost in. Its evocative lyricism almost seems to engage listeners to get addicted to the uncertainty, to take life as a rollercoaster ride. A single that comes off as vinyl, imperfectly blurring and distinctive, stands apart as something bound to cause a movement, a rebellion out in the world. The timelessness of this track makes it camouflage into various emotional themes of the human brain, thereby making it a masterpiece.

Test this unconventional melody down below -

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