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Verses of the Void: Decoding the Bittersweet Bars of JEANNA-SIS's 'Not Enough'

JEANNA-SIS is back in the music scene here to entice the masses with her brand new emotive release 'Not Enough' and this one would strike a chord! Hailing from Moers, Germany, Jeanna identifies herself as a distinct hip-hop visionary who has found her artistic home in the vibrant landscapes of Australia, along with the vivid shores of Fiji, As someone who's crafted her artistic vision from the works of the legendary Eminem, JEANNA's music is full of raw and unhinged emotions and powerful enough to surf through the turbulent waters of life. A career that took flight from the agony and pain she felt right after the passage of her best friend from university, she also dives deep into the complexities of relationships with her unwavering determination. Let's witness the distinctive notions of her brand-new symphony!

This is an unhinged battle of emotions between the cold-hearted and the heart with a dead flame, written with the apt amount of angst to catch you on hold.

A meltdown about the blasphemy of mankind and their apologies, this is a poignant reminder of how no matter the amount of sorry you might feel for hurting someone, they might never heal from the trauma you gave them. The lyrics here are nothing but desperate words from a broken heart, that lays flat with its emotions toyed, with all its hopes shattered and memories gloomy. Jeanna-Sis put her heart out in this one and we're so in for it! This release would make you feel something, and I would recommend the masses to listen to it once.

Test this soul-stirring melody down below -

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