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Underdog's latest Album, Trans Global Amnesia is surely creating massive ripples in the music Industry!

Underdog is a Supersonic alternative rock band from Boston that was formed in 2013 by Scott Ferguson who took charge of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and vocals, and Bryn Carlson handled Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass, and vocals. Scott and Bryn are joined onstage by Aram Heller for Bass and Harry MacKenzie for Drums. Underdog made their debut with their album, Ether Dome, in September 2020. Scott and Bryn have been playing together since the early 1980s in various Boston bands over the years including The Hackmasters in the 80s, and fin-de-siècle in the '90s, as well as in other groups such as Secret Word, The Trodds, the Dark Cellars, World of Distortion, the Time Beings, and the Vatican Sex Kittens from the late 1970s through the 2000s. Their unique sound is what makes this band so special. The way they weave energy into their intricate musical arrangements is purely magic.

"Underdog is going to be noted in the pages of rock history and will be rejoyced for the decades to come!"

The band Underdog

This is one of those bands that will have you moving throughout their albums! I recently discovered this amazing band through their latest release, 'Trans Global Amnesia' which is one of the best albums I've come across this year. The album features intricate compositions with a hint of 90's rock. Each track in the album is so perfectly aligned with the previous and the next track that it feels surreal. The whole album is a little rollercoaster ride that will have you dancing and air-drumming throughout! Being their second album, this album is a perfect example of how well Underdog is evolving. The charismatic use of rare instruments to create an everlasting vibe is just amazing.

There's a total of 12 tracks in the album, each track has a characteristic vibe that is beautifully interconnected. The drums are soulful and complement each track's musicality in a bewitching manner. I literally fell for the electric guitars that are so grunge that you'd wanna bang your heads off. My personal favorite from the album was 'Rocket Baby' which is one of those tracks that can create an earthquake if played live! The modern yet vintage feel of the vocals is simply breathtaking.

Trans Global Amnesia is surely an amazing album that is bound to break the charts. Do give it a go, you'll surely love it if you're a sucker for heavy guitar riffs and neck-breaking rhythms.

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