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Time's Singular Splendors: Crafting Waves of Gratitude and Confinement with Harry Kappen's 'One Life'

Harry Kappen is back to bring peace in solitude with his brand new release,' One Life'! An independent musician, producer and music therapist hailing from a Dutch background, Harry's career seems to have been rocket launched ever since his singles 'Not all of us agreed' and 'The Freedom Inside', backing over more than 220,000 hits in 2023. Branching out as a part of his brand new tune compilation that will be out by spring, this new release is bound to be a hard-hitting moment of reality for many, and hits differently. As an artist who longs for connection, warmth, love and light, let's witness the sonic sparks of Harry's 'One Life'!

Harry Kapen
Harry Kappen

'One Life' sounds like a magical sound comprising of pure unhinged human emotions, preaching the inevitable truth that all of us have just one life to live.

Where humanity happened a trillion years ago on earth, we as humans are bound to fall into the truth of how time is a commodity we can take granted for. But in reality, this attitude consumes us and the ones around us. Where the world is irreversibly getting damned at the cost of human actions, heinously savaging many lives, like the war in the Middle East or the devastating effects of climate change all around the world, humans even after being given the opportunity are not able to make the 24 hours we have in our hands worthwhile. A soulful single on the lines of such narratives, this is a heartbreaking rock ballad that will knock down a sense of clarity and depth in the minds of listeners.

Test this reflective melody down below -

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