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'There's No Way' by Alexia Vegas: A Heartbroken comfort tune

With an experience of 7 years in the industry, Alexia is a pro when it comes to mixing emotions with a pop flavor that appeals to the masses. Her catchy hooks and melodic flows fill one's heart and force them to hum her tunes long after they listen to the song. During her career, she has appeared in various places like Apple TV, Netflix and CBS. Her songs have been used in various television commercials and even in malls, airports and other public spots. Even though Alexia is well established in the industry, she still stays true to her art and that's what gravitates her listeners towards her.

Alexia Vegas Artist

A broken heart cries louder through art in 'There's No Way' by Alexia Vegas.

Catchy lyrics, mixed with raw emotions and synchronized keys that hit the heart- that's what Alexia's new single truly is. She talks about the pain one goes through when a loved one part ways and there is nothing we can do about the situation. The sorrow is expressed through the dark melody of the track that resonates with the melancholy that exists inside of us. The drum loop goes perfectly well with the whole song and successfully disguises the song as a groovy tune if you miss on the lyrics in some parts.

Test the tune down here-



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