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The Vigilante: Illuminating the World's Unheard Stories

The Viglante
The Viglante

Originating from the vibrant heart of Atlanta, United States, The Vigilante is a multifaceted solo artist, wielding mastery over all instruments. Drawing inspiration from the notion of the hidden hero within us all, The Vigilante explores the concept of donning masks to conceal our authentic selves. Fueled by the musical genius of trailblazers like Depeche Mode, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and David Bowie, The Vigilante emerges as an unstoppable glitter-rock powerhouse! With relentless determination, this artist shines a spotlight on often-neglected topics and endeavours to become a resonant voice for the voiceless.

Bathing in the serene colours of glitter-rock ambience, "Lost & Found" delivers a soothingly soulful experience!

The single pays homage to children in foster care and those who wander this world, seeking their place within it. Harmoniously blending meticulously crafted beats and an immersive sonic landscape, this track accentuates life's ethereal aspects. As listeners are gently carried away into its bewitching depths, they become entranced by a mesmerizing alt-rock haven they'll long to revisit time and time again.

Test this appalling melody down below -

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