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Temporal Transcendence: Rock Pop's Serenade to Seizing the Moment with The Rocket Summer's 'Don't Be Yourself'

Rocket Summer returns to the masses with the relaxing notions of his brand new release, 'Don't Be Yourself'! The Rocket Summer, aka Bryce Avary, emerges as a jack of all trades in the music world and has an artist whose narratives are true to himself and are purely emotive. Having an adoring fan base by his side, he's emerging as a sunshine across multiple genres. Having kickstarted his career in 2000, this single marks the beginning of his acoustic rock rendezvous. With a distinct sense of individuality, let's witness the authentic soundscapes of The Rocket Summer!

The Rocket Summer
The Rocket Summer

A surreal yet compelling notion of gratitude, this is a vivid and calming reflection of how unison with gratitude can make one lead a happy life.

'Don't Be Yourself' is a deep and reflective narrative about the inevitable truth that our lives and time aren't in our hands and are two things not in our control. One cannot control the time or the death they get at the end of their lives but can choose to spend it wisely and with a free spirit. Telling the listeners to stop worrying about tomorrow so much when you don't even know if there's going to be one for you, so be right here in the moment. With soft acoustic guitar riffs, strong drums, spinning cymbals, cello and mandolin this is a handcrafted bliss, packaged to make you experience one-of-a-kind soulfulness, making you value the life that you have.

Test this reflective melody down below -

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