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Tales From the Tackle Box: Country Rock's Melodic Reflections via Robbie Rapids's 'Fishing The River'

Robbie Rapids emerges again into the music scene with his latest childhood sonata,' Fishing The River'. A crew comprising Robbie Rapids as the lead vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Ralph Crabtree as the lead guitarist, Steve Jones as the Organ, Matt Stacher as the bass Guitar & backing vocalist and Scott Jacobs on the drum, the venture has its roots in Atlanta, Georgia. With this release mainly romanticising Robbie's wholesome life experiences, his style of music comprises southern, blues, alternate and country/folk rock, and is a delight to the ears!

Robbie Rapids & The Crew
Robbie Rapids & The Crew
Exploring the vibrancy of childhood, this track feels like a testament to rejoicing with the free spirit and is a mood-lifter for the inner child present in all of us!

A track was originally written for reminiscing glorious glimpses of Mr Rapid's past, this is a tale that is centred around the infamous Pere Marquette River in Baldwin, MI, where Mr Robbits spent his time as a teenager with his cousins, A mood-lighter with groovy synths and light-hearted melodies, this rock venture embraces nostalgia in the most surreal way possible. Channelling the thrill, excitement and joyful experience of fishing through a tune, this feels and sounds like an innate part of us, and is a must-listen.

Test this exciting melody down below -

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