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Soul Rock's Hypnotic Elegy to Life's Bittersweet Symphony with B-Mack's 'Silent Witness'

B-Mack is here to seize the light of the day with the ethereal soundscapes of his brand-new release,' Silent Witness'! A maestro of vivacious vocal improvisation, Bruce Mack is a free-spirited escapist and adventurer in the world of soul-rock, who comes from a ground of extensive musical knowledge and experience. Blending genres and sounds, his curious pursuits make him a source of divine influence as he entices listeners with his mind games. Let's witness the hypnotic sound of B-Mack's new release!


A melody that gradually shapeshifts from sunshine and rainbows to lament the loss of the kind, this observational masterpiece is a jaw-dropping soul rock tune that will make the listeners feel raw and pure human emotions out of a glance of empathy.

We enter into the sonic havens of this melody with a supreme moment of gratitude and thorough observation, where B is grateful for how one day the universe grants him joys as if there's a halo on top of his head, but the next day things take a turn. Expressing sorrow for how the people who give themselves to the world experience nothing but brutal deaths, this captures the hard-hitting realities with utmost elegance. With its dynamic electric guitar that almost crusades the themes of the track upside down for a wild second, this asks you to live life as it comes and has mood spectrums that the entire human race would relate to.

Test this liberating melody down below -

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