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Sonic Stargate: The Otherworldly Odyssey of Luma Fade's 'Quantum Sleep'

Luma Fade returns with the mysterious notions of her sound through her brand new release, 'Quantum Sleep'! Catering to the narratives of a dream pop she's grooming for the apocalypse, Luma Fade is a divine visionary whose tunes are mostly futuristic, and based on melancholic notions of an alternative reality the masses rarely know about, Each track under her artistry gracefully comprises human elements and is tranquil. With almost mind-boggling themes under her shrine, let's witness the magic of Luma Fade's 'Quantum Sleep'!

Luma Fade
Luma Fade

'Quantum Sleep' is an oasis of dreamingly relapsing soundscapes, all submerging in a land of ultimate ethereal shoegaze.

Based on the fictitious-sounding yet absolutely dreamy set of events that happened in Luma's life, this is based on the surreal encounter with a time-travelling stranger. For people who've always intrigued the masses with almost everlasting mysteries, this indie-rock narrative feels and sounds like a vivacious adventure through indie-rock that is full of vivid colors. Aptly named 'Quantum Sleep', this almost justifies itself as a smooth-sailing dream pop reverie where every second of this tune is worth devouring.

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