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Sailing through the punk amps of Coma Beach's 'Another Song'

Coma Beach
Coma Beach

The punk-rock powerhouse Coma Beach returns to the masses with the release of their latest musical adventure,' Another Song'! Originating from Würzburg, Germany, they are an outrageous rock collaborative that has navigated their identity through moments of shock, pain, chaos and rage. The band was primarily initiated by the singer B.Lafka, guitarist Captain A.Fear and drummer M.Lector, along with bassist U.Terror and rhythm guitarist M.Lecter boarding the sail later. Infused with musical influences like Sex Pistols, Joy Division and Guns N' Roses to name a few, they have sculpted themselves along the lines of punk and alternative rock. They're to steal the thunder with their exquisite agony, brace yourselves to witness the wrath of Coma Beach!

Fueling the fire of soul country, this is a peppy moment of rock'n roll with hints of grunge to amplify the on-point lyricism!

'Another Song' is one of the most distinguished and versatile works of the musical maestros' Coma Beach! The band seeks its lyrical light from the motifs and diverging themes of various authors, mainly the ones who question the alts of human existence, and this capability has been beautifully portrayed in the track. An agile depiction of the world's stark realities, this is a movement, rather than a call to action to never stop, for once you do its death. It feels like an ode to self-discovery and empowerment, and one has got only one life to make or break. A track that is perfectly suited for a hike or a road trip, this is a must-listen for everyone!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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