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Rejoicing in the spirit of Rock with Love Ghost's 'Hollywood Blvd.'!

The iconic Love Ghost returns to his musical throne yet again with a masterpiece,' Hollywood Blvd'! The multi-talented Rolling Stone recognised maestro, American singer-songwriter Love Ghost has been a pure element of surprise lately for the masses, with back-to-back hits! Having played in Mexico City in renounced avenues like Auditorio BB, Indie Foro Rocks and Amazon's Gamery Festival, Love Ghost has also collaborated with worldwide legends like Rico Nasty, Adan Cruz, Teeam Revolver and ND Kobi to name a few. With 'Dopeman' as the latest addition to their list of hits, let's experience the growing wrath of Love Ghost!

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

Throwing light on the inevitable fate of a life that lures you in the beginning yet consumes you relentlessly, is a profound rock revelation that will surprise you.

'Hollywood Blvd' is a sort-after sonic reverie that portrays the harsh realities of nightlife but in a laid-back California style! With his authentic lyricism about disinhibitions one experiences in their life, Love Ghost paints authentic imagery, simply about driving an old car and playing guitar. Inviting you in his ensembles, he spreads the surreal message to follow your path in life regardless of what the world has to say about you. Go Golden Junk also expresses the complexities of being an artist in Hollywood in the additional layers of the track, in a nonchalant yet deep way.

Test this enthralling melody down below -

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