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Queensland's Sonic Luminary: Angus Woodhead's Unparalleled Versatility

Angus Woodhead
Angus Woodhead

With a phenomenal 30-year track record in the music world, Angus Woodhead stands as a testament to versatility and steadfast dedication. A globetrotting musician, adept sound engineer, and masterful producer - he's the epitome of an all-rounder! Juggling his own businesses in sound engineering, recording, and marketing just adds to his impressive skill set. Based in sunny Queensland, Australia, he also serves as the Worship Pastor at Living Streams Worship Centre, nurturing aspiring artists and guiding studio owners and engineers towards success - a true source of joy for him.

Brimming with contagious optimism and bursting with feel-good vibes, "Freedom" acts like an invigorating beacon of hope for listeners.

Emerging from the heart of Queensland as a folk virtuoso, Angus' newest single "Freedom" melodiously heralds the liberation we encounter through our faith in Christ. This uplifting anthem infuses the world with a much-needed sense of hope and light. Riding high on his wealth of experience and unwavering devotion, Angus dreams big - envisioning Southeast Queensland transforming into a thriving nucleus for premier studios and top-notch artists worldwide. Prepare to be swept off your feet by his exceptional talents and exuberant energy!

Test this liberating melody down below -



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