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Ollie Twohill Unveils Raw Emotions Close to Heart in 'Stifled'

Ollie Twohill, a passionate Australian folk rock musician from Northern NSW, crafts emotive melodies that explore themes of hope, love, and profound loss. His music draws influences from Australian folk and 2000's pop-punk, embodies introspection and heartfelt storytelling. Throughout 2023, he honed his skills while sharing stages with notable artists such as Budjerah and The Buckleys. This period of growth and collaboration culminates in his debut mini-album currently in progress. Twohill's songs echo with raw emotion, showcasing a journey through life's complexities, a reflection of his deep-seated dedication to the craft.

Ollie Twohill's 'Stifled' strikes a chord, shedding light on mental health battles

"Stifled" encapsulates the struggles of mental health with poignant honesty. Rooted in guitar-driven rock, the track delves into themes of depression and helplessness, offering a stark portrayal of grappling with suicidal thoughts. Its heartfelt lyrics serve as a beacon of resilience, advocating for open conversations about mental health struggles. Stifled's impassioned vocal delivery injects profound sincerity into the song, fostering a genuine connection with listeners navigating similar challenges.

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