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Merciless Mingles: Lose control over mind with Mercurius' 'Evocation'

Emerging from Morpeth, UK, Mercurius is a father-son duo, producing mind-boggling rock melodies for about four years now. Since their debut back in 2021, with each new record, their skills show progress, and every succeeding bar sounds a lot better than the previous one. The two halves of this stunning rock duo are James Brown as the vocalist and his father Paul Brown on the guitars. The thumping cadence of drums complementing their melodies is programmed in the recording studio.

Roaring rhythms, venomous vocals, and shattering strums of the guitars are what complete this composition 'Evocation'.

Circling the sentiments of agony and despair, 'Evocation' is a hard-hitting and passionate creation of sound. The track speaks to us about the very relatable state of our brain, the one that comes straight from the heart, that makes us stray from the path of the present and takes us back to the unhappy and unpleasant memories of the past, and reminds us we have no control over our nerves. As the heartfelt lyrics intertwine with the mystical, smashing rhythm sculpted by Paul, we enter a magnificent sonic experience that leaves us in awe.

Test this astonishing melody down here:

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