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Melodic Maelstorm: Art Rock's Romantic Overdue in Jeff Vidov's 'Baby can u dig your man?'

Coming straight from his heart to yearn the hearts of this world, Jeff Vidov returns to the masses with his brand new release,' Baby can u dig your man?'! As someone who embarked on a musical journey from the Eastman School and the network of people he built there, Jeff's artistry ventures into the curious streams of modern music while embracing the roots, and draws inspiration from legendary classical composers like John Corigliano and Milton Babbitt. Having worked with Sony Studies in NYC, Vidov also assisted on sessions with the Doobie Brothers and a lot of people he drew inspiration from. Through his love for music and poetry, his artistry aims to shower his listeners with poignant yet witty lyrics.

Jeff Vidov
Jeff Vidov

An upbeat track inspired by a work of art close to this heart, this feels like a playful moment of enthusiasm, infusing elements of dance and joy with its melodically thrilling guitar verses!

An energizing release about the uncertainty that clouds our hearts with the brewing of love, 'Baby can u dig your man?' feels like a moment of playfulness and is wired specifically to uplift listeners from their souls. Drawing inspiration from the Stephen King novel 'The Stand', the liberating verse of this song and its poignant lyrics indeed reflect on the fact that this track was not just born but was a result of a thrill that thrived in Jeff's brain warning him that it's either now or never. With a unique alchemy of rock-style classical orchestra, drums by Sean Brock and lyrics that all of us can groove and relate to at the same time, this track is indeed a result of executing one's wildest dreams and indeed is a masterpiece.

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