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Love Ghost Create an Everlasting Vibe With 'Luna Azul'.

Love Ghost is a Los Angeles based rock project that has been creating waves in the scene with their infectious melodies and vast soundscapes. Their music dives deep into the realms of rock and create a vibe that will hold on to you for a lifetime. If you love to listen to headbangers, you'll love their work for sure. Do give this amazing project a go, you'll fall in love with their musicality for sure!

love ghost

"Love Ghost traps emotions in little bottles and release them as tracks!"

I recently came across this amazing a few months ago and I've been hooked on to them ever since. Their track 'Luna Azul' is one of my personal favourites in their discography. It is a Emo-Pop-Rock song with some modern Spanish Guitar influences and the track is about how you grow on your own and the loneliness that it entails. The track packs some amazing vocals that are beautifully complimented by intricate guitar riffs and impactful drums. The track features Monde and Helian Evans who have sprinkled stardust on the track! This is surely a track that anyone can enjoy. Do give this amazing song a go!

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