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“It is you against you in this mortal existence”: introducing Aubrey’s ‘Monsters’

Aubrey, a London-based band, first crossed paths as mutual friendships, culminating into a connection that was poised to later take the world on unique musical experiences with their songs. The band is composed of Armelia, a captivating vocalist along with Sean, the adroit electrical guitarist and Sam who plays the band drums which are at the heart of Aubrey’s songs. They go on musical expeditions to perform regular shows in and around Camde, Radio plays in Finland, Brazil and Israel captivating their listeners with a magical sonic experience. The band has already garnered a significant fanbase with their YouTube Pixies cover and debut single ‘Bad News’. With a whole album’s worth of material yet to be recorded, the band has deliberately decided to focus on single releases now which displays their commitment towards their work. Aubrey’s philosophy is that “each track is its own story, its own reward…. As long as you get to the end”. With authenticity at its core, this London-based band is all set to captivate the world with its musical aura.

Aubery artist
“Monster” by Aubrey are the screams of rock expressing the emergence of light at the end of this tunnel, but first, slay the demons that lie within.”

Aubrey’s latest new single ‘Monster’ is a powerful addition to their continuously expanding music collection. It was recorded in two days at the Lightship95 studios in London. The song is a testament to the brand’s expertise in diverse musical perspectives and its penetrative insight into the human psyche as the song encapsulates the inner struggle, the universal human battle against one’s own demons. The song hits hard on the right spot and takes us on an introspective musical journey of how each one of us is fighting our demons every day and how we subconsciously project these onto those around us. As we continue on in life with these inner struggles, we often find ourselves becoming subservient to the insecurities, and anxieties that haunt our souls. Aubrey wants the song “to hit hard” and it does exactly that!

Test the tune down here-



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