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Isolation-themed Jazz Notes: Weaving Tales of Solitude in Sound Liberation's 'Better Now

Sound Liberation
Sound Liberation

Sound Liberation, a band known for their ingenuity and creativity, has recently released their 8th studio album entitled 'Better Now'. This latest work showcases the band's steadfast dedication towards breaking the boundaries of traditional music, embracing an extensive range of genres. Masterminded by the band's founder, Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation's unique musical philosophy revolves around the concept of putting an end to the divisions within sound vibrations that have come to define various genres. By infusing their compositions with this perspective, they have been successful in creating an all-encompassing auditory experience for their audience.

Through this fearless approach in their musical creations, Sound Liberation immaculately weaves together an intricate tapestry of compositions that span across genres, from classical to jazz and beyond. The powerful hip-hop and rock rhythms drive their sound forward while leaving ample room for international music influences from various cultures to flourish.

In "Better Now," Gene Pritsker masterfully weaves together a rich tapestry of musical genres, showcasing his prowess in soul, hip-hop, contemporary jazz, cross-over classical, blues, R&B, and jazz fusion. This incredible album portrays a high-class depiction of life during and post-quarantine. Meticulously crafted over a two-year period across various locations and recording studios, it takes listeners on an awe-inspiring adventure that transcends conventional genre boundaries. Experiencing the unique soundscapes of Sound Liberation becomes an enthralling voyage as you delve into each track and discover the eclectic brilliance of Gene Pritsker's creative genius. As you immerse yourself in a Sound Liberation performance, you are transported on a thrilling journey through an intricate tapestry of sound; a captivating culmination of various musical realms coming together in perfect harmony. Every performance serves as a testament to the band's mission to expand musical horizons and unite these diverse influences into one unforgettable experience.

Test the melodies of the EP down here -



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