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Heart-throbbing Serenades of Joe Lington's 'Black Desire'

An R&B experimentalist hailing from France, Joe Lington presents us with a soul-uplifting journey of 'Black Desire'! With a background stemming from and apart from a gospel choir, he started brimming as a solo artist who's perfecting the art of mix and match when it comes to music. With themes of jazz and soul, Joe is currently producing in English, French and Coroonian and has set a true bar of resilience and compassion. With a sonic tapestry of 4 tracks released to this date, Joe is hustling as a Freebird and even working on the next album, all with a sublime musical taste. Get ready for an alternative jazz-rock, jazz-pop awakening with 'Joe Lington'!

Joe Lington
Joe Lington
An illicit affair of groovy jazz-rock beats that swing amidst the duality of dance, thrill and romance, 'spicy' is an understatement for this unhinged masterpiece.

We initially begin the sonic journey with the humming serenade of 'Black Desire''. A narration about the emergence of a fire that is nothing but confidence uprising,' Black Desire'. Then the next track,' It's Gonna Be Alright' presents us with a duality of genres like jazz and rap infused with a French-lyrcism in the typical late 90s-early 2000s style. With the progression to the tropical calming shades of 'Mamacita', Joe transcends the listener's expectations with the beachy soul fire of a groovy musical sauna that its track navigates us to.

The mood completely shifts to a more dance-like beatscape of 'Ja Pleure'. An EDM manic French verse that sets the perfect temper for a mystically trippy rave party, this track for sure has its own shades of alts that listeners are free to dwell into.' Marshmellow', brimming with an electrical guitar uprising, is a sultry erotic venture seal-packed with calming lofi-underjazz undertones.

An indie love soul fire ignites at the acoustic guitar verses of 'Ce Soir'. A track that simply elevates the mood into a more slow-dance serendipity, this is a silky masterpiece. Joe accentuates the tension on the lines of a similar erotica at 'I Can't See You'. A story that levels up at the playful negligence that sets the stage on fire, it has a jazz-like nature to it that makes us dwell even deeper into the track.

A hint of jazz-rock enters the musical space of this album at 'On Ce Complete'. An instrumental masterpiece combining hints of heart-throbbing beats, electronic guitar and the signature smooth lyricism of Joe, it sets the listener's soul on fire. Accompanied by an erotic uprising, we navigate along the similar notions of the majestic next track 'Pretty Girl'. It also has a conversational role-play and sound narration, that puts us on a chokehold.

Lastly,' Because of You' asserts a sense of importance and forges a sense of meaning in the most blissful manner possible. On the other hand, 'One Dance' being the last track of 'Black Desire' reiterates the sole essence of the album by teleporting us into a rave party yet again through his magical dance-like beats that translate to the most vibrant and playful end an album could ever receive.

A vibey dance-like groove mix, this is an impeccable understatement for occasions like restaurants or even the confines of one's room.

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