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Harmonic Haikus: Capturing Timeless Piano Reverberations through Jonathan Grow's '3'

Jonathan Grow returns to the masses with the mystical ambres of his brand piano tapestry, '3'! Hailing from a tiny village in the Midwest, Jonathan is a composer and pianist who started venturing into the musical world at the very young age of 11 years. As someone who was born to be a performer, Grow also graced the stages of school choirs and many live performances, thereby working hard enough to look above and beyond the ordinary. Through his sound, he strives to impact the masses with enticing yet most regretful melodies and draws inspiration from legends like Dario Marianelli, Alan Silvestri and many more. Let's embrace the gorgeous silences through the piano paradise of his brand-new album!

Jonathan Grow
Jonathan Grow

'3' is a perfect blend of abysmal chaos and velvety melodies that almost sound like a musical haven in disguise.

We begin this sonic dream with the mellow synths of Twilight, the breakthrough track of this album,' Les Teois Veis de Marie-Laure'. This release is born with utmost drama, thrill, suspense, and a beautiful blend of piano highs and lows, creating that perfect tempo of light-hearted and serious verses.

With 'Le Vol', we begin an elusive neverending journey into the wonderland of endless possibilities. This is composed of extreme grandeur, and power, and shifts the focus of listeners from the drama of the first track to the flowing melodic chaos here. This is almost too distinctive and is nothing but a polished piano put on a platter.

Last but not least, 'Devenir' is a sophisticated amalgamation of the luxurious retrogrades of cinema, and has a surreal royal appeal to it that garners a sort-after outro to this daunting journey, combining suspense with rom-coms, and in a capsule of just 3 tracks one gets to experience utmost chaos of the west.

Test this dramatic tune compilation down below -

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