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Gush of Butterflies & Esctatic Synths: The Paradise of Marc and Coke Beats' 'In My Dreams'

The dynamic duo of Italy-based singer-songwriter Marc in association with Coke Beats returns to the music scene with their brand new EDM release, 'In My Dreams'! Drawing inferences from EDM legends like the late Avicii, iconic Becky Hill and Medusa, Marc is a whirlpool of talent who in association with the pragmatic DJ and producer Coke Beats has produced this magical symphony. Let's catch glimpses of joy with this beatscape!


With the advent of pure endurance and the driving force of love, this track hits differently in a world and a generation that is gradually repelling from it.

'In My Dreams', a track narrating a dogma-infused love tale highlighting its dynamicity and polarities, almost feels like an edm dreamscape come to life. With love being the ultimate gender-defying quest and motif that drives our prime existence, here the protagonist captures the prime essence of a bisexual love story in the frame and hopes to lure and motivate him with a gleaming sense of hope of connection. It not only denotes compassion, but an evocative drive to love beyond the defined beliefs and limits of society, to go above and beyond with the love's authenticity no matter what the world preaches or thereby, lacks. It is bound to spread a message that most of us don't believe in, perhaps it is the outbound sector of eternity that could set us free.

Test this auric melody down below -

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