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Glittering Genesis: A Glamourous Tribute to the Golden 80s with Benjamin Race's 'Memories'!

Benjamin Race is back to set fires of erotica with his carefully curated dream-pop release, 'Memories'! A beautiful collaboration with the celestial vocals of Donna Odain, the track is a neon extravaganza to revive the golden decade of the 80s, as each of its verses and lines are timeless in their structure, meant to compliment the environment they immerse in. A celebrated producer in the UK, Benjamin Race is a celebrated soul producer who returns to the masses after his underground hit, 'Take You Home' with a new-born enticement that is surely bound to take your breath away!

Cover Art of Benjamin Race's 'Memories'
Cover Art of Benjamin Race's 'Memories'

A vibrant yet smooth splash of nostalgia, 'Memories' seems to unravel elements of excitement and a craze of uncertainty, yet throws light on savouring moments for they serve as a moment of sweet escape from reality.

'Memories' is a result of the caressing gloss, warmth, gloss and sophistication of the silky ambres and textures of electronic percussion, soft-focus synthesizers and smoky yet smooth saxophone solos that would lure your heart like no other. It's intimate, subtle and a sound so fresh yet so accepted and embraced that will resonate with people of almost any generation, the infamous soundscapes of the 80s! - carrying forward bitter-sweet pop muse for grownups and a savoury dance number with is just the apt amount of sweet for kids! An ode to a well-deserved throwback and utmost devotion to pop, Benjamin Race delivers a radiant danceable mid-tempo paradise that is gentle and propulsive, yet despite everything super flexible to soothe any setting it is played in! The track's video also does justice to the sound as it is full of vibrant colours, textures and the sultry mood of MTV back in its heyday. With Belinda Wood as its showstopper, this track is simply immaculate vibes of culture at its peak!

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