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From the Earthy Undertones of Indie: The Celestial Uprising of Rob Giles's 'Meditation Drive Thru'

Let's take a deep dive into the tranquil notions of Rob Giles's 'Meditation Drive-Thru'! A Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter whose sense of music feels like a pure liberating experience, hailing from genres like spiritual rock, earthy, indie rock, mellow rock, raw, honest and woo woo, Rob derives his inspiration from renounced names like Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Kacey Musgraves to name a few. A project that stems as a spontaneous venture after his 5 released albums, he went through a life-altering wave of incidents from almost losing his singing voice to selling his record to Warner Bros, this is a phenomenal return and a moment of revival of a maestro!

Rob Giles
Rob Giles

A momentary glide through all the colours of life, makes us endure and feel every emotion of our life muted as if we were to be an outsider, and really is an effort to soothe the soul.

We begin this enchanting melodic sphere with 'Tears Into Art'. A mellow,heart-stirring melody that reminds us to take pride in all the emotions one experiences, telling us that even something as painful as trauma that causes one to tear up, can be an enlightening experience for them. A milestone in Robert's career that fills him with immense pride and confidence, this track showcases his singing, producing and songwriting skills at their finest. Then we elope into the havens of the dream-like, 'Show Me the Way to the Ocean'. A spiritual-rock melody that reminds us to stay humble and grounded, pin-pointing the ocean as a sense of escape from the ordinary. This track feels like pacifying lore that everyone needs to get an ounce of in order to calm themselves down. An endless quest to understand a person with all their might, this also is an adoring tale of a jar brimming with nostalgia and love.

'New Mistake', on the contrary brims of experimentalism and a playful spirit. A steady yet smooth transcending lyrical sphere that cultivates the feeling of living life as it comes, this track tells us to not think so much and fly away, with lyrics like," You were wrong, now you're ready". It is a beautiful track about the ever-evolving humanity that all of us experience in our lives. Highlighting the inevitability of situations, this feels like a guide-through towards a smoother sail in life. 'Some Stars' is yet another soothing sonic reverberation that feels like a moment of self-reflection in trauma, of how someone can make you feel negligible, yet at the end of the day, all of their words are as far away from us as the stars in space. It also describes the hollowness and pre-occupied notions that a self-centred soul feeds into the minds of others, thinking they're the brightest light, making you feel small, where nothing absolutely can make them escape the ultimate truth of the end.

Mellow whistles of 'Up on a Plane' metaphorically indicate signs of an upgrown mind that seeks to look beyond the materialistic showers of wants and belongings. This is a calming melody that almost feels like waking up from a dream, like the quiet post chaos. This is a gradual romantic venture that lures listeners into an ecstatic journey into the warm and cosy halos of love.

The next track,' Make Me Crawl' feels like a moment of deep and hostile observation that passion-fuelled Robert experiences around him, whether it the broken promises, fake friends, the jealousy-filled claps you're prawn to if your dreams come true, or someone who knew as your own blood all your life disowning you. This is a deep acoustic uproar that also suffices a bold cry of all the devastatingly painful moments Robert has gone through in this walk of life, all because of the hindering feeling of love. This track portrays love as a soul-sucking parasite, that just is here to dim the light of a person who's getting exploited by others for offering it.

Then we transition into the airs of suspicion in 'Lower'. A track about the blurs lines of a person's thoughts and clouds of misleading confusion that make you hit your rock-bottom. This feels like a long-held wish for something good to happen to you, when it's nothing but a sinking deep feeling that consumes you when you wait for way too long. 'Lower', an indication of reaching an ultimate end-point from which it is almost becoming difficult to revive, it is a mysteriously fresh flavour to sound. The upcoming track,' What Would You Want If You Could Have It' is a piano-infused stimulation of a condition of 'what ifs' that one receives from glancing at a shooting star, or at 11:11 in the clock. This is a reminder to dwell on the idea that our minds must be as free as a bird and that over-complication limits our capability to have it all. 'Effectra' captures a surreal musical land that feels like a ground of confession. A track that feels like a chaotic drive-through experience that sulks in as numbing emotions, making us question everything in life, telling us that we're trying to find answers to the wrong questions. A burning desire to impulsively fixate on everything after a traumatic experience is a distilled cry of pain captured beautifully in the form of a song.

Then we arrive at the hysteric escapes of 'Drinking Poison', which talks about the mere actions people commit and are reprimanded for simply because of peer pressure. Trying to remind us all that poison ivy might look like an initial sense of escape from the hollowing life one is living, but they are indeed what ends up making you hollow. It also insinuates as an initial sense of urgency that is power-packed with rock thuds, that later transcends into a nirvana of an alternative world which is far off from real life. This is a sensational track full of all the highs and lows that make the listeners run far off into the realms of alternative realities. Last but not least, 'I am Not My Body' fixates on the recreation of one's soul, of trying to detach meaning and one's identity from the things they do or own. This feels like a pillow of comfort that makes us believe that we're beyond and above the hollowing notions of reality human life binds us with, that we must envision and be keen onto the ideas of a free bird, where the vibrant positive emotions of romance, laughter, blooming of flowers or the emotions of kindness and healing won't stop, that they're eternally and can be found into the havens of a new life. This track just makes you fall in love with life and humanity.

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