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Exploring the Depths of Jazz: Thelonious Monk's 'Round Midnight'

Thelonious Monk painting
Thelonious Monk Credit: photo by Mark Gulezian/NPG

"Round Midnight" by Thelonious Monk is one of the most recognizable jazz tunes ever. This depressing and eerie song, which was first performed in 1944, has been recorded by several jazz greats, including Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and Dexter Gordon. The late-night atmosphere of smoky jazz clubs is expertly captured by Monk's distinctive chord progressions and discordant melodies, and the song's emotional impact furthers its enduring popularity.

"Round Midnight" is mostly a love song. Bernie Hanighen, a jazz pianist, wrote the lyrics, which express the desire and sadness that may result from unrequited love. The song's minor note and sluggish tempo perfectly encapsulate these feelings, making it a classic that has been resonating with listeners for over a decade.

cover image of Thelonious Monk's 'Round Midnight'

The vocal work of Monk on "Round Midnight" is nothing short of extraordinary. His distinctive piano playing, which is characterized by the use of dissonant chords and angular melodies, appropriately accentuates the song's depressing tone. Generations of jazz artists have been influenced by his solos in this piece as well as his interpretation of the song.

Overall, "Round Midnight" is a brilliant illustration of how jazz music can use its melodies and lyrics to create tales and express complicated emotions. Anyone who wishes to go into the depths of jazz music and feel the full breadth of its emotional influence must listen to it.

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