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Erik Hansen Takes his Listeners on an Extraterrestrial Journey with his Debut EP!

Erik Hansen

Erik Hansen is a Washington known for his intricate musical abilities that create an everlasting vibe. He parted ways with his band, Fallen Angels to start his journey as a solo act on his debut EP Seasons of the Wind. You'll love to discover his unique sound that is inspired by the likes of Nirvana and The Offspring, as well as the 70s and 80s influences like AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Metallica. His immersive sound is bound to create massive ripples in the scene. Do give this amazing project a spin and I'm pretty sure you'll be witnessing a legend in the making.

"Erik Hansen is the next big thing who will be rejoiced for the ages to come!"

I recently came across this amazing artist through his debut EP, (Seasons of the Wind) which is surely one of the best debut projects I've come across. Seasons of the Wind is a 5 track-long EP that introduces Erik Hansen's unique sound as a solo artist to the world. The EP oozes with experience and the depths of the artist's musical knowledge. Each track in the EP is beautifully arranged to create an ecstatically immersive masterpiece.

This amazing EP starts with the track named 'The Road' and this was probably the best way to get started for a rollercoaster of emotions that the proceeding songs entail. This track is filled with soulful guitars and brilliant lyricism. 'The Road' is followed by 'Send Me a Sign' which is the title track of the EP and surely one of my personal favorites from the EP. Laced with heart-touching lyrics and neck-breaking rhythms, this track will resonate with the masses and will be heard by the generations to come for sure! Gritty guitar riffs set the perfect vibe for the transition to the next track, 'Horizon'. This track gently takes the curve down a notch creating a sound that is heartfelt and filled with deep emotions.

Erick picked up the curve with the next track 'Traveler' That track packs tremendous energy and will surely evoke several emotions in the hearts of the listeners. This is a perfect track if you love to listen to tracks that are filled with energy to the brim! The EP ends with the track named 'Forever Dream' which beautifully brings everything to a halt. I was truly impressed by how this artist beautifully arranged such contrasting tracks to create a single body.

If you love to listen to tracks that are packed with vivid musicality, this album is surely a perfect match for you! Give it a listen!

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