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Echoes of Illusion: Rap's Deep Dive into the Perilous Paths of Love with Dax's 'Narcissist'

The mastermind of luring our hearts with his deep and moving melodies, Dax returns to the music scene with his release, 'Narcissist', and there is surely a lot to decode! A beautiful collaborative with the talented Phix, this release was a project that brewed when Dax was on tour in America. As someone whose soaring heights cannot be denied, Dax has also performed in gigs like Calgary Stampede, Canadian Country Music Awards and Good Morning America. Recorded and produced in Montana, this is an exceptional anecdote about how narcissism lets people bleed on the ones that didn't hurt them.

Cover Art for Dax's 'Narcissist'

A heart-pounding narrative of breaking free from an intoxicating love that purely is fuelled by other person's desire to love themselves, this is too surreal yet astounding to be true.

A track about the devastation after maths of loving someone who just knows how to love themselves and disregards the feelings of others around them, 'Narcissist' feels like a testament to pure hearts who are strangled by the epiphanies of toxic love. Dax in this release begins talking about how his potential lover only let him inside her heart only for him to witness that it isn't safe for him, only for him to witness one of her many faces and personalities. Then he describes how her narcissistic behaviour only provokes rage inside of her mind, which leads them to get into facades, constant mood rollercoasters and sugar-coated lies, things that are not just detrimental for her but are making his soul and identity shredded into pieces. With all the love he had for her, he still hopes for her to heal her heart. With such poignant lyrics where every word is a trademark of relatability, this is surely something for listeners to come back to.

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