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Earthbound Ecstacy: Celebrating the Cosmic Radiance of Paul Jorgensen's 'Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?'

Back with redefining the celestial gaze in music, Paul Jorgensen returns to the masses with yet another pragmatic tune compilation, 'Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime And Why Now?'! As someone who's been in the electronic music scene since the mid-1980s, Paul studied audio engineering in Los Angeles. Ever since his first solo project called 'Down Wind and Out of Tyme' released in 1986, Paul has been relentlessly working to redefine the ordinaries of sound. Featuring a plethora of talents and tribal-driven beats, this record truly explores the distil soundworlds that collide with each other to create the most organic and human-like sound.

Cover Art of Paul Jorgensen's new release
Cover Art of Paul Jorgensen's new release

An album that is too dreamy and magnanimous to be called a kaleidoscope of dreams, this contains potions of organic human sounds, and feels like a radiant notion of excitement and surprise, therefore, a gradient extravaganza describing what live on earth might sound like to the planets surrounding it.

This musical adventure begins with the breakthrough moments of the grandeur of the track 'Tone'. Divine trumpet-infused melodies and abysmal voids of uncertainty make the lsiteners teleport into a world of endless possibilities, and seem to connect them to the divinities of mother nature. Then we arrive at Electric Bubble, a track that begins with glitchy sounds, and then later transcends into a heavy-paced beautiful techno-disruption of multiple melodies colliding into each other.

'Pride' seems to take listeners into a surround sound of nostalgic realms of an old-jazz gathering, infused with magnificent bass sounds and rapturous glitchy sounds, all collapsing into a beautiful churn of sound that almost feels unreal on the ears, as the listeners try to focus on multiple aspects of sound all together. Then we arrive in the Noble lands of peace-making bowls,' Bowls In Motion' an atmosphere which is filled with nothing but the different dimensions of those bowls ringing against each other, this feels like a melody too unique to describe in words, but is nevertheless very soothing on the ears.

Accompanied by a radio-like sound and human voices, the tracks 'Hollow Ground' and 'Sleep', make you deep-dive and relapse into deeper notions and voids of the dreams one witnesses, and how our human brains transcends from one dream to another. Descending into beautiful tabla palpitations that almost take one back to their roots, 'Resonator' feels like a profound moment of relatability and surreal dogma.

The mood of the album completely shapeshifts with the ethereal ringings of the next track 'Opera'. A track that almost feels like a vibrant fiesta of pure earthy and organic sounds, this is raw and deeply energizing, and a humbling moment for many. What feels like waking up from a distilled dream, 'Harmonic Ratios' feels like a wake-up call, and rather a base-driven call-to-action.

Mystical on the ears but a fire fusion of metal sounds, the next two tracks 'Trumpet ATA' and 'Little feet(on the farm)', feel like a moment of time-travel into the profound moments of nostalgia all glitching and blending into each other. Suspense also appears in the album with daunting notions of 'Shipping News' and 'Crime', which commemorate thrill, adventure and excitement in the album in the funkiest manner possible.

Last but not least, we have the pacifying renderings of the April Showers. This track serves as the perfect end to this album, where all the notions of cloudiness, hysteria, thrill and adventure finally come to an end. This indicates the final surrender and symbolizes virtue behind existing.

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