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Dre-Matic Pop: Commercial Pop's Sonic Time Wraps with IKON's 'MIND'

IKON returns to the music scene with his brand new dope release 'MIND' and this is your moment to sit back and relax! As someone who's established himself as an unwitting founder and leading light of Eastern Soul, IKON is here in the music industry to make waves, and has made that very evident by garnering creative accolades from legends like D'Angelo, Anderson Paak and Childish Gambino, his vocal style and lyrical words are very unique. His artistry aims to blend components of traditional music with ongoing modern and classic fusions, and this brand-new single is one for the keep! 


A silky beat paradise coated with elements of vintage, this single is a melody for the chads.

'MIND' is a bass-driven chill symphony that seems to channel old-school hip-hop energy, like that of the infamous Dr. Dre by incorporating a boom-bap beat and rhythmic piano verses. This is a song where you'd fall in love with his chorus humming style and luxurious beat patterns. With IKON's falsetto singing style being a cherry on the cake, the lyrical landscapes of the song create an amazing amalgamation of R&B and classic soul. Overall, I think this would make the listeners reminisce about the legendary days of old hip-hop and hence this is a must-listen.

Test this groovy melody down below -

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