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Country Comforts: Decoding the Fiddlesticks and Fireflies of Slack Key' Ohana's 'Hawaiian Cowboy'

Yee-haw into the soft rock serenades of Slack Key' Ohana's brand new tune compilation 'Hawaiian Cowboy'! A Hawaiian band based in California, the collaborative was initially just a duo comprising Brain Witkin and Hawaiian recording artist Kamaka Mullen back in 2021. To provide exclusive texture-rich original songs in Hawaiian style, as well as their tributes to traditional classics. After gaining massive critical accolades for their first EP, they've revamped their sound to include instrumentations like ukulele, bass, guitar, lap steel and pedal steel. With so many of Brian's family members in the collaborative, 'Ohana' in the name ironically means 'family'. Going above and beyond at providing exquisite experiences to the masses, let's witness the charm of their brand-new tune compilation!

Slack Key 'Ohana
Slack Key 'Ohana

Chambers of nostalgia, peace and gratitude reflecting in the most ariel manner possible, this is your track list for a smooth-sailing and wholesome vacation!

We start this dreamy journey with the pacifying bedazzle of 'One More Day'. Inculcating feelings of yearning, wishing to spend the least of a day with their beloved, this channels feeling of nostalgia with the hints of summertime blues. Ku'u Lei Nani Mai 'Oe is a native number that glides smoothly on your ears as a fee-good, mesmerizing and utterly special number that will fill your heart with joy. This feels like several people would dance with strangers on a tropical island too.

The cowboy finally takes over this buttery sail with 'Hawaiian Cowboy'. This track is full of country mixes and synths, making you reminisce about life as it comes. This is a tender tale of shared happiness. 'Nahenahe Ka Leo O Ka Wahine U'i' is yet another expression that vividly expresses the calm of being at peace and content with yourself. This feels like a romanticization of day-to-day life happenings expressed with an emotive heart.

We finally experience a makeshift in the album with the acoustic fivers of 'Heading For The Country'. A mellow track about heading to the country, with absolutely no clue of what lies ahead. This is also a track that will teach you to not just romanticize, but also rejoice in whatever moment you are in. 'I Kona' is yet another halo of a beat that features awe-inspiring yodelling that will take the listeners by surprise. This feels like a cherry on top of the already enchanting allures of the album.

Heading right back into summery tracks, we step into the nostalgic reverie of 'Everything Is Alright' that is nothing but feel-good notions amplified. Telling their beloved to be patient despite how the tide of times takes a toll on them, the artist reminds and reassures them how everything will fall into place, simply because he loves them. 'Coming Home' is yet another shimmery ball of joy unleashed onto the masses, as this also features the angelic vocals of Kela Sako, this is where supposedly the artist and their beloved are comforting the masses of their only home, the countryside.

The track that outshines other beautiful numbers on this album is the fun-loving 'Slack Key' Ohana', which is nothing but a celebration of synergy. This is cheeky, coy, notorious highly energetic and a perfectly wholesome number for the dancefloor. 'Aloha 'Oe' is yet another tropical side musical that is about biding the softest of goodbye to those one holds in their heart. This is comparatively less on the energy but is a farewell number to all the moments where your heart numbs in the pain of your loved ones going away.

Last but not the least, 'Hawai'i Aloha' and 'Nahenahe Ka Leo O Ka Wahine U'i)Ha'ina Hou)' feel like a perfect end to this auspiciously divine album. Overall, I believe that this album that the power to lift your spirits and guide you into the light, and hence is a must-listen.

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