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Chromatic Catharsis: Healing Wounds With Love through Stewart Taylor's 'Nightmares'

Stewart Taylor expresses endless love yearning through his brand new release, 'Nightmares'! As someone who foregrounds his hedonistic impulses rather than just playing coy, Taylor aims to create the epitome of ambience with his delirious pop music. His melodies are full of danceable and funk beats and have also helped the Connecticut-born artist thrive and perform with his idols like Justin Timberlake. As someone fighting insomnia and afraid of the anxieties and insecurities haunting him, his artistry sets him apart as impeccably brave. With a divine song structure, this release is bound to leave a lasting impression on the listeners.

Stewart Taylor
Stewart Taylor

Painting commercial pop with the vivid lilacs of easing love, this feels like a pacifying melody that is full of pure storytelling, leaving a subtle yet lasting impression on the listeners.

A euphoric release about the beauty of a bond formed out of love is a heartfelt expression of emotional sensitivity. Describing how just the presence of his beloved makes him sleep easy and carefree, Stewart reflects a deeper sense of infatuation that extends the boundaries of physical touch. As someone who has a dearth of emotional trauma associated with them, he explicitly talks about how just the feeling of love and that rush of serotonin takes his nightmares away from him. In every note of this track one can sense immense sensitivity and vulnerability that only the other person, his love can understand for him.

Test this sombre melody down below -

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