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Chillwave Meets Synthwave: Carter Fox Forges a Cosmic Soundscape in 'Telescopes & Wavelengths"

Carter Fox
Carter Fox

Carter Fox, the Soulful Traveling Space Man Bass Man, joins forces with Damn Stargazers, a luminary in lofi/chillhop production and soul-stirring guitar work. Together, they craft an entrancing sonic odyssey that beckons listeners to recline, unwind, and immerse in the boundless cosmos. Fox's funky, cosmic-infused productions meld seamlessly with Damn Stargazers' guitar finesse, resulting in an auditory voyage like no other. Elevating their creation, 2x Grammy nominee Ryan Schwabe lends his expertise in mixing and mastering, ensuring a track that resonates with celestial energy. This collaboration is a celestial tapestry woven from musical prowess, igniting an expedition of sound that orbits through galaxies of relaxation and euphony.

A cosmic symphony born from a magical session in northern New Jersey, encapsulating the passion for celestial exploration in music.

When two musical luminaries like Carter Fox and Damn Stargazers join their creative prowess, sonic magic is imminent. Their latest track, 'Telescopes & Wavelengths', a tantalizing blend of chillwave and synthwave, proves just that. Drawing influence from the likes of Satin Jackets and Thundercat, this track is a cosmic voyage that explores vast interstellar realms. In the spring of 2022, beneath the serene canopy of northern New Jersey, a few miles from the bustling heart of New York City, the song took flight in Damn Stargazers' idyllic studio. Every note and rhythm captures the artists' intertwined passion for exploration and experimentation. The very ethos of the song is rooted in celestial wonderment. As Carter and Damn Stargazers shared, their ambition was not just to compose about the cosmos but to immerse listeners in it, to transport them to a realm where music and the universe meld effortlessly. This collaboration is a testament to artistry at its zenith, where boundaries expand and musical galaxies merge.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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