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Charting New Music Territories with Derek Lee Goodreid's 'All or Nothing' - A Bridge Between Eras

Cover Art of Derek Lee Goodreid's 'All Or Nothing'
Cover Art of Derek Lee Goodreid's 'All Or Nothing'

A brand new country rock single from Derek Lee Goodreid will entice your country rock excursions! Derek Lee Goodreid, a captivating Australian singer-songwriter, will take you on an emotional rollercoaster with his unique fusion of country, blues, and rockabilly. Born and nurtured in the land down under, Derek picked up the guitar at 18, eventually finding solace in songwriting. Sharing his battles with PTSD through his own brand of dark humour, he's carved a signature sound that leaves any music enthusiast craving more. Don't miss out - Derek's powerful vocals and unforgettable melodies are bound to get your heart racing and feet tapping!

A country-rock escapade here to mystically sublime its cowboy energy in the air, the track feels like a retro yee-haw of emotions presented with power.

Channelling the eternal mystique of "Mystery Train," Derek Lee Goodreid brilliantly blends Rockabilly's classic allure with a modern spin in "All or Nothing." This daring anthem lures venturesome dreamers to chase their passions fearlessly. Derek's smooth vocals, driven by dynamic rhythms, capture Rockabilly's spirit while skilful instrumentals weave twangy guitars, captivating basslines, and a stirring drum shuffle. A nod to heritage and progress, "All or Nothing" highlights Derek's musical artistry and anthem-crafting talent, leaving a lasting impression for generations. As its mesmerizing melody echoes, it fuels an unyielding determination to tackle life's uncertainties head-on and immerse oneself in the pursuit of true passions – earning Derek Lee Goodreid a reputation for bold artistic ventures.

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