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Biscuits n' Boogie: Rolling Through Life with Steven Hicks's 'The Rainy Morning Acoustic Project'

Wake up into an acoustic guitar paradise with Steven Hicks' brand new album drop, ' The Rainy Morning Acoustic Project'! A passionate soul hailing from Atlanta and the principal and founding member at the icons of Atlanta like The Painkillers and Truckstop Confidential, Steven Hicks has graced many renounced occasions and festive venues like the International Ballroom, The Cotton Club and Smith's Olde Bar to name a few. A Blues Rock star who currently calls North Carolina his home, he has also been recognised for the major ounce of talent that he is at the majestic Bubbapalooza, Steven's recordings with Truckstop Confidential were even featured on 160+ radio stations and have made an impression on the AMA's too!

Steven Hicks
Steven Hicks

'The Rainy Morning Acoustic Project' strikes a chord between polarising feelings like boredom, love, rejection, nostalgia and so many more all at once that it feels like a kaleidoscopic gaze at the shades of acoustic-like no other!

The first track,' Friday's Coming To Town' takes you on a tour of an avid working individual who dreads the weekdays just to wait for the holy trio of the weekends! The excitement of a day like Friday makes the person wonder if it would've been a day long enough like the week, thereby equating Fridays to the only ray of hope for them. Then the mood of the discography starts to evolve at 'Ouskirts To Your Heart' feels like a major moment of storytime that has resulted out of pure desperation, romanticising and observation, making you in need of something so undemanded and filthy that just makes you feel like you don't belong. This is a flowy acoustic ballad that seems to grab your attention over time.

Next up, we enter a funkadelic music scene with grooves of 'Backsliding'. Although a melody that'd make you dance this is a personal moment that feels like being a goofball in front of an uncomfortable room full of strangers. With the title rightfully being, 'Backsliding', this garners careful attention to piano, with hints of the early 70s throughout the track. On the contrary, 'Bootleg Love' is the brewing of a new-borne love, where we begin the track with the narration of the divine feminine that resides in the girl's appearance as per Steven's description, where he plays the outlier of pure desperation, relying on the heat of the moment.

'Rendezvous With Vengeance' feels like a good- old short of hot chocolate on a cold chilly night. A beautiful journey track that describes close-knit observation skills of Steven, this would be a perfect play at a campfire or while driving. Then we yee-haw into the folk fires of 'Piedmont Girl'! If you're a fan of Ed Sheeran's 'Galway Girl', you'd witness a similar vibe here but ten times better! Extremely vivacious of beats, this would form for a perfect couple dance!

Then we finally wind ourselves down with 'Felice'! A deeply serenaded moment of nostalgia, this track feels like a witness of time, probably an artefact that's seen seasons of our existence. Apart from the metaphors, this is the pure longing for pure love. Slightly on the verge of parting ways from the album, we arrive at 'As You're Driving Away(Acoustified)'. A track so full of life, this feels like the perfectly affectionate goodbye track to dedicate to someone, spreading the message that not all goodbyes have to be painful.

Glancing back at the tides of time, the next track,' Prism of The Years' feels like the homage to solidarity one finds in oneself as one grows old. A perfectly chill yet deep track, this describes the feeling of living life to our fullest as it is the only life we've got! Lastly, we bid our final byes to the album with the cowboy beatscapes of 'Whiskey Drinkin' Woman' is a track that calls for a celebration! With these soothingly lowkey vibes, this track is gonna make you swing and set free!

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