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Anoush's 'ONE': Unlocking A Beguiling Mystery Box of endless possibilities!

Anoush returns to the music scene with the release of her latest full-length album,'one'! Having her roots from Boise, United States, Anoush identifies as an independent lyricist, pianist and a musician with her background in classical music. Having mulitple feathers in her cap, she is also a wife and a mother. As a producer, Anoush widely travelled the world to gain a plathora of experiences that she was secretly executing in her dream project,'One', that finally gets to see the worldly light. She rose to fame with her debut single,'Cherry on Top', that endorsed her 100k followers on Spotify! Ever since then Anoush has only been progressing forward and try to forge a magical aura as she dwells into the unique side to musical world.


Retrospectively abysmal visionscape into a wide ranging ferris wheel of all the emotions felt by the mankind, this is an utter masterpiece.

We begin this sonic kaleidoscope with the hazy, rainy setups of 'Lighthouse'. The song has a dreamy yet spooky touch to it, and basically a thoughtfully put piano narrative. This dwells into the moods of suspicision, drama and mystique in the most beautiful manner possible. On the contrary, 'California Daze', the next track brings light to a whole new spectrum of sound into the album. It is tropical, funky and feels like a bick ride through the exotic palm dreamscapes of California.

The next track,'Cherry on Top' is yet again a beaming exotica of freshness, comfort and passion. It also grooms a folk-infused beaming of a first love, driven with the hymns of Anoush's sultry vocalism. Then we arrive at , 'I See You - acoustic version'. This feels like a found narrative that was once lost into the dogma into the laps of one's existence., instilling wisdom and clarity into the minds of listeners, and feels like a pacifying glide through the glaciers of confusion clouds of one's mind. 'Library', feels like a voice of comfort, of warmth, of a deep-rooted sense of loving someone. This is yet seemingly divine love-infused sonicscape that resonates deeply within the minds of listeners as Anoush makes them feel like home under her vicinity. She also raises a question arriving from her outbound pure love, of whether the other party wants her back or not.

Next we arrive onto the calm chaos of 'Bullets'. The aftermath of a love collision, this track is indeed a call to action, to save her from drowning into the remorseful alts of a one-sided love, hoping the love she's aiming at hears this and attempts to save her. Eroding into the waiting, she wants to cherish each and every last possible moment of nostalgia. On the constrary, 'Happy Tonight' is the perfect track for those radiant night drives, that almost everyone craves after a long exhausting day. Break free from the monotomy and her usual themes as observed throughout the album, Anoush explores with hints of vibrancy and dream/glitter pop with this track. Then comes the ultimate appetizer of the compilation, 'Cantina'. A track that feels like salsa, with hints of a serene erotic wildfire.

On the contrary, 'Progress' has a rustic undertone to it, making it a song to listen to in the rains, and also the perfect sound of an attainable goal.'Idaho-off-the-grid vision', yet again proves to be a complete shapshift from the album's usual. This sounds like a jazz seasoning to the tracks of the artist Joji, especially the track, '777'. Aiding to an imagery of deep introspection, of asking the other person to uncover their true motives behind even the tiniest things they do.' Wishing Wall' feels like a deep peep into a person's colorfully abstract dream. The sound that simply makes the illusions and reality non-distinguishable from each other, this makes for a perfect sail-through moment.Last but not the least, we arrive at the well-awaited moment of excitement in Anoush's album,a hidden track? yes! This last track serves as an anecdotal medicine to heal the vast varying mood shifts experienced in the album before, thereby becoming the most magnificient ending an album could ever receive.

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