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'All About You': Cristina Movileanu's Ode to Love and Mystery

Cristina Movileanu
Cristina Movileanu

Cristina Movileanu returns to the music with her latest single, "All About You!" Hailing from a family background well versatile in art, Cristina’s affection for the craft of music knows no bounds. She intends to reflect her learnings from her roots through the art she creates. With incredible vocals and a profound sense of songwriting, Cristina is immensely thrilled to release her latest single,’ All About You’!

A tangy taste to folk tales of love, this feels like an array of infinite dimensions of narration all covered in a husky undertone of mystery.

“All About You” echoes as a mesmerising hit that encapsulates the glory of Cristina’s vocal capabilities and auspicious lyricism. A track that indeed feels like a fresh breeze of air, this is purely a modern-grade version of a song that drives the listeners into a cowboy land of mysteries. Whether in a room full of people or alone, this is the perfect track to feel elated.

Test this surreal melody down below -

Cristina Movileanu
Cristina Movileanu



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