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Acoustic Aether: Mellow Mystiques of the offerings of John Clark's 'Made of Sun'

John Clark is back with yet another uniquely crafted sonic rock liberation,' Made Of Sun'! Released as the breakthrough track of John's upcoming tune compilation 'Where Will We Glow?" which is set to come out on March 29th, this single was recorded in John's Missouri Studio in the synergy of the talented Harry Waters, who also happens to be the son of Roger Waters, who is the founder of Pink Floyd. John is also on the route of forming a collective that involves Harry Waters, Nolan Cook and Freddy Para, which came to life via the release of this single! Drawing inferences from icons like Pink Floyd, the Residents, Syd Barrett, The Flaming Lips and Ween to name a few. Let's unravel the mind mysteries of this pacifying single!

John Clark
John Clark

Carefully carved with patience, this single strives to beam onto nostalgic experiences with a light heart and magnificently settles into your brain's skin like nothing else.

A single that combines the most ecstatic aspects of indie music, this single feels like a calming breeze of cold air after a humid day. With its elevating electric and acoustic guitar lamentations and poignant lyrics that almost spree through the minds of the listeners making them long for the unknown and getting them hooked instantly, this is a rock reverie that is almost supreme with this soundscapes and has an element of excitement and energy from rock whilst also showcasing the persona of a soothing and soft track that will elevate your sonic experience. If you love legends like Tame Impala and Boa, you're gonna fall in love with the revelations in this track.

Test this liberating melody down below -

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