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A song or Neon Nostalgia? Journeying Back to the 90s with Vallac's 'Alone 2night'


Originating from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, Vallac has established himself as a notorious and well-recognized figure in the DJ realm. With an impressive and successful career in the music industry already under his belt, Vallac is making a much-anticipated return by delivering a revitalizing and invigorating new track. Capturing the essence of summer and nostalgic 90s vibes, his latest masterful creation, 'Alone 2night,' is sure to enthral listeners everywhere!

It is more than a mere experimentation of music style, but rather a trip down memory lane for Vallac. With the exotics and grooves of the 90s all wrapped for listeners in a single track, 'Alone 2night' indeed is a potential party anthem!

Using nostalgic tunes from the 90s, Vallac was able to escape to his youth, reminiscing about those carefree teenage days, as he drew upon those nostalgic tunes from his youth. The purpose of his music is to convey a potent message that transcends boundaries and unites people, a message that music is a wellspring of delight, connection, and unrestrained passion, even if it's just dancing alone in one's room, regardless of whether it is just dancing solo within the confines of one's home. In his evocative song "Alone 2night," Vallac explores the power of music to stir emotions and inspire individuals, asserting that the pulsating rhythms have the potential to rescue us from our own thoughts and unleash the creative minds that lie within each and every one of us. So let's not hesitate and dance our hearts out to the high tempos and shake a leg to 'Alone 2night'!

Give the melody a shot down below -



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