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A Kaleidoscope of Sound: The Amber Bugs' Eclectic Musical Palette

The Amber Bugs
The Amber Bugs

Reviving their magical selves back into the limelight, The Amber Bugs return to the musical world with their soul-stirring latest release,' Based on a True Story'! As artists who don't define themselves under the gamet of a single genre, Amber Bugs are always trying to break free and create an aurora of their own by blending undertones of jazz, ska and hints of classical instrumental. Their music feels like a halo on top of your head and teleports you into a beautiful musical dream no one wants to wake up from. Let loose of your brains, for the artistic versatility of the glorious Amber Bugs!

A calming symphony that makes us connect to the small tiny ongoings of our daily life, 'Based On A True Story' is a beautiful love ballad that radiates self-reflection through the eyes of a person.

A journey of cascading moods that follows throughout the song, the track feels like a conversation, where we beautifully experience the lights leaving and entering back into the track, as if colours slurping in and out of a moving painting. We view this as a love ballad and also as a tale full of ups and downs. It also is a a soothing narration of the beginning and end to things, with its dramatic violin verses creating excitement in the track. Showing the shapeshift from a lonely life to a life yearning to find love, and then also circling around the idea of love. In its purest essence it is, literally every emotion rising and falling all at once.

Test this sombre melody down below -


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