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Whack Beats of 'CHECKERBOARD!' by Reg Mason

Reg Mason
Reg Mason

Alternative hip-hop artist Reg Mason returns with his latest single, "CHECKERBOARD!" released on May 3rd, leading up to his upcoming LP. The track honours his New Jersey roots and hip-hop artists. As a rising talent in alternative hip hop, Reg Mason proves that New Jersey remains a force in the music industry. His LP is sure to be filled with creative and inspiring tracks that will take listeners on a journey through the sounds of New Jersey and beyond. Fans of alternative hip-hop are eagerly awaiting the release of the album.

With its energetic and uptempo beats, 'CHECKERBOARD!' showcases Reg's newfound confidence and signature east-coast brand and west-coast bounce.

Following the success of his highly-acclaimed 2022 album "SPEEDWAY, DELUXE," Reg Mason's latest release is the right addition to any Fresh Finds or Alternative Hip-Hop playlist. This track leads off his upcoming LP. It pays tribute to his New Jersey roots and the hip-hop artists who have heavily influenced his sound. The single is sure to get listeners excited for the album and cement Mason's place among the top artists of the genre. Reg Mason's new single is a must-listen for any hip-hop fan. Reg Mason is sure to excite fans from both coasts with this new single, and it's a preview of what's to come from his upcoming album. With his signature sound, the LP is sure to be a hit.

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