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We all crave something that fills the internal void. Satellite Train’s Cry is exactly that thing!

Satellite Train is a captivating powerhouse of musical innovations hailing from Melbourne. The band is a unique ensemble of diverse musical talents each bringing something creative to the table. The musical chemistry among the members beautifully manifests itself in the songs that they create. The group has won many laurels. Their previous single, “Superstar” ranked #25 on the World Indie Charts and #26 on the European Indie Charts. The group never fails to deliver something energetic leaving the audience wanting for more. But guess what? They give the audience MORE, more music to swoon over!

Satellite train
Satellite Train’s Cry heals the parentless with love pouring out of the song. It gives strength and hope to the less fortunate.

Released on October 13, 2023, Satellite Train’s single “Cry” is a prologue to their upcoming album “The Melbourne Sessions”. It takes the listeners through the tumultuous psyche of a young child’s constant strife with the void of parenthood in his life and the ensuing loneliness. The song enlightens the power of inner human strength and the will to find happiness even in turbulent times. This rock pop song, “Cry” is an authentic brainchild of Satellite Train as they crafted this piece using only scratch guide music with no prior rehearsals. This unusual method of musical artistry was deliberately used by the band to capture an authentic live sound and maintain its rawness. The recording session was in collaboration with guitarist Shane O’Mara, keyboard player John McAll, bassist Pasquale Monea, drummer John (Watto) Watson, and others. Michael Paynter joined the mix on vocals while on tour with Australian bands Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes. “Cry” sets the stage for what is to come in “The Melbourne Sessions”, that is, authenticity and pure bliss!

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