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Tunes of Deception: Rhythmic Rebellions of Gary Dranow's 'Chaos'

The majestic Gary Dranow returns to the masses yet again with his spectacular new release, 'Chaos'! Member of the auspicious collaborative Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions, the band comprises Chris Zoupa, Jason Jones, Roman Burda, Klim Apalkov and Roman Kuznetsov as its members. With their influences ranging from a plethora of places, the band draws its key musical inferences from musical legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and the legendary Metallica to name a few. As a creative that has surely come a long way with an impeccable amount of love and consideration, they aim to create sounds that are informative and reflective of their personal experiences.

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow
A perfect moment of rock and roll, this music marvels seems to eye the epiphanies of life whilst going through tough times and thereby serves as a euphoric testament to our soul.

'Chaos' seems to be a thought-provoking venture that deep dives into the notions of dysfunctions of the Republic Day. It tries to look at how the ones in power are corrupting the visions of liberals, thereby sort of satirically mocking the current state of politics in the world with poignant lyrics like, "Liberty's Keepers in silence amused", serving as a notion for critical thought. This release, unlike Gary's usual work, leans towards the practicality of this as it is vinyl, honest, unhinged and a dedication to the scattered ray of sight for many as say go ahead with the process of choosing their leaders. This release nevertheless definitely deserves a special spot in your playlist!

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