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TNL VZN's "|You Know What Happens Next?" will make your mind bloom like a flower.

TNL VZN's picture

This Birmingham-based band, TNL VZN was formed in late 2021. With influences such as Paramore and Soul Blind, this band is bringing the old-school rock and nu-metal riff together to make some of the craziest rock music we've ever heard.

I discovered this overwhelming band from their latest release "You Know What Happens Next?". This single has a next-level combination of old-school rock with a perfect touch of new-era diehard metal music. This quintet describes affection in all of its horrors within this single. This highly anticipated single will fuse substitute rock with mournful emo, making it one of the best heartbreak tracks to hear this summer. This track is highly recommended to all the broken people out there because this is gonna be a boon to your hearts.

Test the melody here-



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