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Titanic Tremors: Hard Metal's Cinematic Clamour of Parham Gharvaisi's 'Divided (I Have Become)'!

Back with his poignant dramatic notions, Parham Gharvaisi returns with the heartfelt notions of their heartfelt hard metal release, 'Divided (I Have Become)'! A solo musician and producer with 8 full-length albums spanning a plethora of genres, ranging from post-rock to melodic metal. A sound inclusive of instruments like electric bass, electric guitar and classical guitar is the only source of instruments used for production, their other sounds are achieved through the mastery of computer software. What started as a mere musical project in 2019, and released its debut instrumental album in 2020. Let's witness the wrath of Parham's sound!

Parham Gharvaisi
Parham Gharvaisi

A conundrum of majestic vocals, this feels like a dramatic thunder filled with lightning, and has the right amount of powerful highs and drama-filled lows.

'Divided' sounds like the outbreak of a climatic movie scene, and is full of cinematic notions. We begin with the soul-stirring vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar. The mood of this soft rock track completely shifts with the duality of Parham's gritty raw voice, which is indeed the soul of this track. With a commendably beautiful and dominating duality in his voice, he conveys the intensity of the lyrics in the most majestic manner possible with the vocal shift, which almost happens at spontaneous timings in the track. This is a pure work of art, and would almost make the listeners spirited and fond of hard metal! Gharvaisi, is rightfully never a miss!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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