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Thunderous Torrent: Witnessing Metal's Sonic Storm with Gary Dranow's 'Bedroom Mentor'

Back with frivolous agony-infused rock beatscapes, Gary Dranow returns to the masses with 'Bedroom Mentor'! With band members hailing from a plethora of destinations, the collaborative comprises Gary Dranow, Chris Zoupa, Jason Jones, Roman Burda, Klim Apalkoc and Roman Kuznetsov, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions draws inspiration from icons like Jimi Hendrix, Metallica Stevie Ray Vaughn, deep-diving and acing genres like blues rock, hard rock, metal and alternative rock with their unique mesmerising sound. Gaining an escalating amount of critical acclaim all across the masses. Let's witness the wrath of Gary Dranow!

Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions
Gary Dranow & The Manic Emotions

A single powered with meticulous hard-rock preparations, this is like a deflecting thunderbolt that switches moods between fury and despair.

'Bedroom Mentor' is a tribute to the majestic works of the legendary Metallica, and carries a similar sense of grief, pain, regret and nostalgic anger that culminates throughout the thudding of drums and powerful riffs of electric guitar in the track. Sending a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners, this almost feels outrageous, and deep and seems to strike a chord with its dominant lyrics. This also sounds like a mood rollercoaster, and we reach the intensity of metal rock highs and the depth of lows altogether. Carry forward a similar sense of cinematic impact, this almost feels like the backdrop of the climax scene in a movie, and although very dramatic would surely be adored by people inclined towards hard rock.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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