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The Mellow Funks of deeprest's 'blackhairblacknails'

The artist deeprest
The artist deeprest

A silent indie rock peep through all the noise of our generation, presenting deeprest's 'blackhairblacknails'! Deeprest, originating from Denver, United States, is a brand new indie rock band that makes through the noise with its soothing and melodic sound. The band's latest single, 'Blackhairblacknails', is a perfect example of their unique blend of alternative rock and indie folk. They are sure to capture the hearts of many with their amazing music.

Indie rock meets alternative hip-hop to form a unique sound that blends introspection with energy. If this is your go-to music call, deeprest is the artist for you.

Based on the quote "love cuts deep", the song's lyrics explore themes of mental health, relationships, and self-discovery deeply. You'll relate to the words and feel a connection to the music. In addition to its lyrics, deeprest's musical style derives its influence from artists like Lil Peep,softheart, easy mac, Golden BSP, the 1975, The Neighbourhood, and is a fusion of indie rock and hip-hop, creating an energetic and emotional sound. 'I'm not afraid to experiment with different genres and sounds to keep my music fresh, exciting, and original.'- Deepest quotes, and frankly, with streaming numbers like that, where's the lie?

Test the melody down here -



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