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The Luminescent Folk Whispers of Micheal Lyon's 'What Could Be'

Micheal Lyon
Micheal Lyon

Michael Lyon, a singer/songwriter hailing from sunny Southern California, is capturing hearts with his soul-stirring melodies. Drawing comparisons to musical legends like Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Ben Gibbard, Michael's fourth album, "WHAT COULD BE," has just been released, offering a captivating collection of songs that raise your spirits. One of his ballads, "Grows a Tree," beautifully encapsulates the wonder of life's journey and the heights we can reach. Immerse yourself in Michael's enchanting sound on Spotify and let his heartfelt storytelling take you on a transformative musical adventure. Don't miss his recent singles, including "Love," "How Long It Takes," and "Rain or Shine," as well as the title track of his new album, "What Could Be." Get ready to be swept away by the magic of Michael Lyon's music!

A beautiful sonic escapade into the vibrant thought-process and kind-hearted mind and soul of Micheal, this is a surreal heart-melting experience.

We begin this journey by rejuvenating beats of the opening track, ‘Sunrise’. A beautification of the something as simple as a bright-sunny morning, this track makes you want to observe cherish and nurture the simplest of moments to their finest. Micheal then teleports into the stature of a flower, and talks about the overflowing passion and joy they bring to the world. A dreamy escape into the minds of a thriving blossoming one, Micheal expresses the inevitable joy he sees while observing a flower.

Then we shift into the redefining landscapes of ‘Love’. A song about reflecting on the life-bounding relationships one ties in their lifetime, this is a surreal experience that rather runs the emotions of a deep sense of belongingness and union with their loved ones. The next track, ‘How Long It Takes’ emerges as a yearning for patience and a memoir to exactly paint the life of one’s dreams and leave an indelible mark on the ones who look after us.

Then we arrive at the narrative piano ballad of ‘Justice Day’. For all those who feel discouraged and are in deep regret of losing something they longed to achieve, this is a fresh boost of motivation and wisdom. ‘Bounce Back’, as the name suggests is rather a courageous take to work even harder and show up to greatness and perseverance to achieve one’s end goal.

‘One Man’s War’, a calming folk hue intertwined with brave scenes, silence and forgery from the scenes of war, thereby telling us that it takes definitive amounts of dedication and sacrifice to show up to yourself. The upcoming track, ‘How Much More’ narrates a never-ending yearning for achievements and wants that we humans possess, and conveys how nothing is ever going to be enough, and how we’re never really satisfied with anything.

Then we land into the hazy world of ‘Big Dream’. A call to never let go of your big dream, this track makes you strive for excellence and achieve the end goal you’re succumbing to, meanwhile Micheal endures each and every listener and appeals to them as a dear friend. ‘Carried Away’ rightfully takes to further away into an adventurous ride of fantasies and magic, thereby also denoting how Michael usually gets carried away into his stream of thoughts.

The next track ‘Rain or Shine’ completely shifts into a moment palette of deep pondering and self-reflection that calls for comfort and closure after going through a hailstorm of emotions. With a deep connotation and remark on the silent chaos that wraps us around but often goes unnoticed, this track paints a depth-infused image of Micheal’s life, the more painful questioning that tickles his brain every now and then. The upcoming track, ‘Try It On’ splashes a sense of motivation to endure adventures and reach beyond one’s comfort zone in life, and tells them to take risks, because there stays a star in each one of us that’s waiting to shine.

The next track, ‘Family Tree’ is one that returns to the observatory themes of the initial tracks on this album. A track that makes you think how whatever you do in your life has a direct hierarchical impact and consequence over the ones before and after you, and how the leaves from it might eventually fall, but we should cherish them until we have them. Last but not least, we arrive on the title track, ‘What Could Be’. A surreal and heart-warming contemplation of the life before us, Micheal melts hearts through this last track that talks about how magical our lives could be if we emphasise more dreaming and living it.

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